Biz-Line e-Fax

Biz-Line offers e-Fax service which allows to operate with faxes directly from the web interface. There is no need to print out documents before faxing as you can send it directly from your computer, tablet or even smartphone!

e-Fax gives a range of opportunities for office use, as you can send and receive faxes from multiple locations, receive detailed transmission confirmation and it`s copy to the administrator`s mailbox. Each time you receive an incoming fax the regular e-mail letter will be shown in the mailbox. To send a fax you just need to attach the necessary file to the outgoing box.

We support pdf and TIFF file formats. Biz-Line can provide you with a local or Toll Free fax number or keep your existing one. Try the innovation e-Fax service from Biz-Line and forget about massive, slow and loud fax machines forever!