IP CCTV / Video Surveillance


Digital Security and IP CCTV Cameras

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Central CMS: ccentralized management software system for use with a single site or a multi-site enterprise that delivers a central integration point for critical security subsystems and building automation systems. 

Access Control: Use proximity cards to provide access to secured areas or use biometrics for maximum tenant convenience. Scalable solutions include a wide-range of card readers and technologies, including fingerprint access and facial recognition. 

Facial Recognition: Effectively leverage biometric technology (fingerprint, facial recognition) to regulate any controlled access point, authorized tenant and visitor access, allow for seamless entry, and integrate with employee management and time-and-attendance systems. 

Thermal Cameras: Monitor your energy efficiency, track HVAC mechanical equipment performance by detecting heat before an issue arises, and maintain proper temperature for electrical equipment. 

License Plate Recognition: Eliminate traffic backups during peak hours by allowing tenants to use their license plate instead of an access card to gain entry to parking areas. 

Video Intercoms: Enables visual confirmation of identity before granting entrance and building access. 

 ColorVu: Outdoor Fixed Turret Network Camera features an ƒ/1.0 lens aperture for maximum light gathering capability to provide full color imaging in extremely dark settings.

Top Reasons to Install Security Cameras at Your Business

Like it or not, security cameras are everywhere — on public streets, in parking lots and business exteriors and increasingly, inside office buildings. Business owners are increasingly feeling the need to have an accurate and indisputable record of what transpires on their premises, both for safety reasons, as well as for legal protection. So, what are the top reasons you should install security cameras in your business? The most common reason for installing security cameras is to deter crime and prevent vandalism. The fact is, burglars and vandals are opportunistic — they tend to target businesses and homes that are most vulnerable. Realizing they’re being monitored and that their actions are being recorded may send potential burglars looking for easier prey. Oftentimes, when a crime or act of vandalism is committed, there is a recording of the perpetrator’s face, which when turned over to the police, can lead to an arrest. Business owners now have the ability to watch what’s going on at their business remotely. Surveillance cameras can record not only crimes committed on the exterior of a property, but can also provide an indisputable record of what’s going on inside. When a business owner chooses not to have a security guard or service monitor their business at night, he or she can still watch for suspicious activity by means of a computer.